Friday, December 7, 2012


Coming This December 21st, it will be the 2012-2013 MEGA Challenge. 

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I pushed it back until the 21st so people have plenty of time to leave their autochallenges and whatever else challenge they will be in. This will be a 30 day challenge and it will be the old style challenge where all games go. 

There will be some restrictions though as in previous years. 

Gamerscore MUST be over 30,000. This is to make it so no one can have a boost account that has no GS and walk away with a win. 

You must have been a member of 360voice for a minimum of 6 months. 

No changing of gamertags during the challenge is allowed. 

No modding of gamerscore/game saving/profile glitches/profile sharing/ is allowed. Pretty much if it is again Microsoft's TOS it will not be allowed here. 


As with the Genre of the Month Challenges I will be putting up a Retail title of your choice. Please no baller beats or LE/CE games. 

Also the TOP 5 will be the first and only to get the new Viral badge. As last year this will be the challenge that launches the new viral. 

Also as with previous years there may be more prizes issued by other members so I will add those to the list as well. 

Good Luck Everyone!!

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