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Achievement Fest 2012 is on...

July 9, 2012

eBash Video Game Center Hosting Achievement Fest 2012 and Two Guinness World Record Attempts

eBash Video Game Center in Terre Haute, Indiana is proud to announce they will be hosting two Guinness World Record attempts for Xbox 360 gaming on July 14th through July 15th. The two attempts will be for the most achievement points unlocked on Xbox 360 games in 24 hours by an individual and the most achievement points unlocked on Xbox 360 games in 24 hours by a group.

The attempt is part of a weekend event hosted by eBash called Achievement Fest. Achievement Fest is the first event of its kind hosted for the top Xbox 360 gamerscore players from all around the world. There are gamers traveling from 18 different states and Canada to Terre Haute, Indiana to participate in the event.

eBash owner Zack Johnson organized Achievement Fest in cooperation with the website and is an avid gamer himself. He will be participating with the group in the Guinness Record attempt and the weekend of gaming. “Many of these players that are part of our online community are excited to be traveling to Terre Haute and finally meet each other in person” Johnson stated. He continued, “We all have a passion for unlocking achievements on the Xbox 360 gaming system and we can’t wait to work together all weekend to not only increase our personal scores but also set two Guinness World Records in the process.”

Every Xbox 360 game released by Microsoft contains 1000 points that can be earned by accomplishing certain milestones in the game. The points are monitored carefully by Microsoft to prohibit any cheating and has become a huge high score leaderboard for all gamers throughout the world. The current world record for most points in 24 hours earned by an individual is 13,290 set by Jason Gervais in September 2011. The group record has not been set and the gamers at eBash for Achievement Fest have already been approved by Guinness to set the initial record.

The team at eBash has worked closely with the Terre Haute Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and their president David Patterson to make sure this first event is a success. Patterson likes the amount of visitors this is bringing to Terre Haute and said, “Zack and his team are bringing in a very unique group for this event. With our excellent local hotels, restaurants and shopping for their families combined with eBash’s large facility we have the opportunity to bring back these gamers for similar events in the future. We want to support events like these that showcase our great community and what Terre Haute has to offer.”

The Guinness World Record attempt will begin at noon on Saturday and continue non-stop until noon on Sunday. It is open to the public and any visitors over 18 will be able to sign a witness form for the Guinness attempt to help authenticate the record.

For more information about Achievement Fest 2012 or eBash Video Game Centers contact Zack Johnson via email or by phone at 812.235.0040.

About eBash (
eBash Video Game Center is the largest and most successful video game center in the midwest. eBash’s Terre Haute location has 100 high end gaming stations and has served over 20,000 customers in 7 years since it was founded in 2004 by Zack Johnson. A second store in Evansville, Indiana was opened in 2008 and a third location is planned to open in the Charleston/Matoon, Illinois area later this year.

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