Sunday, April 8, 2012

MightyMango deposes Dog of Thunder in 360voice Duopoly

Or more aptly Dog of Thunder is stepping down and MightyMango is taking over leadership of the 360voice Community. Officially after 17 months of Dog of Thunder helping run this site, he has decided to step down and hand over the daily duties of keeping this site running smoothly. MightyMango will be taking over, or rather already has. He's been 3vce here for a long time and has been handling some of the usual stuff for a while.

Please thank Dog of Thunder for all of his work running this site. He's been a great help for myself and has done a lot in the past year to organize things and keep things running. Much less bring this site back to life. Nobody can replace Dog of Thunder, but I'm quite happy to have MightyMango running the show while I spend most of my time poking into the code.

I threw out a few questions to MightyMango for those of you not as familiar with him:

Fshguy: What's this collection I keep hearing about?
MightyMango: Currently I have around 3,200 video games as I lost a couple hundred in my house fire. I'm short of having every 360 game by a little under 200. I currently have 8 360 systems as well.

Fshguy: How about your family?
MightyMango: I've been married for 12 years this September 9th, I always refer to the Dreamcast on our anniversary as it was released the year before we got married on the 9th. I have twin ten year old girls and a almost 4 year old girl.

Fshguy: How about your day job?
MightyMango:  I work at one of the Audi stores in Minnesota. I have been here for 6 years as a "service consultant" whatever that means. I have been working at dealerships as consultants and management since 1998 when I was still in college.

Fshguy: So you like cars?
MightyMango: I enjoy Automobiles as my other hobby to video games. I have a 09 BMW 335i and a 2005 Evolution.

Fshguy: I have an Accord and an Odyssey, hmmm...

Fshguy: Any other goals for the 360?
MightyMango: Personal goals are to get an achievement in every 360 game I own minus Tiger Woods 06 as that one it is not possible to get a single achievement in.

Fshguy: What are you short term goals for 360voice?
MightyMango: My immediate goals are to clean up the database and make sure all the games are categorized correctly, yes so exciting. I also want to continue to create new types of challenges as that is something that 360voice tends to do really well, including branching out to different types of challenges for users to enjoy. I also want to shape up the leaderboards and make them a more reliable stat source for everyone.

Fshguy: Anything else?
MightyMango: Also, I know I'm not as creative as Dog of Thunder, I have a more "practical" mind set. I hope that I can follow in his footsteps and continue to push forward.  I want to try to keep the site fun and help it continue to grow through the 360's life cycle and beyond.

So, please give MightyMango a nice welcome.


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