Wednesday, March 28, 2012

April Genre of the Month -- Platformer.

Hello everyone, its time for the announcement for the Genre of the Month. The month of April we will be "Springing" into the Platformer Genre.

Now this will be a new and long overdue genre that will available starting April first so we figured we could have a push on the new badge.

The games included are listed here as the genre is not live and active as of today.

This month will play a little bit different as the number of retail titles are lower then the other genres. I will be offering a 1600 point card to the winner so they can pick up one of the platformer games or even a future release.

Click Here for the Group

Click Here for the Challenge

I want to thank everyone that has made the first challenge a success. The winner of that will be receiving a race title of their choice as well, courtesy of 360voice and myself. The top three gamers of each months challenge will also be awarded the 1st -3rd badges as well.

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