Monday, December 5, 2011

New 3VCEs and the New Badge Team

Ladies and gentlemen, in order to help 360voice grow in the coming year, Fshguy and myself have decided to bolster the ranks of the 360voice Community Experts. Joining the team is a trio of long time members whom have impressed us in what they bring to the site. Without further ado, your new 3VCE's:

Elmo Teh Azn
, Co-Manager of the Badge Team
Wolfwood37, Co-Manager of the Badge Team

You may be wondering just what exactly is this Badge Team that we now have managers for, well, it's quite simple. The Badge Team is comprised of community members that are in charge of setting up all of our Genre updates and Collection updates. They are the brave souls that set up an update before presenting it to the rest of the community and they are:

High Knight

So if you have Genre or Collection related questions, these are the guys to ask.

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